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Love Agility Pointer Decal

Our Pointer Agility car window sticker has a silhouette of the dog breed jumping, and inside is the text “agility” and a heart before it. If your Pointer absolutely loves agility, this one’s a must have! Available in many other dog breeds.

Measures 5″ wide and 2.1″ tall.
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Our car window examples are shown in white vinyl. Modern day car windows are tinted enough that white vinyl shows up the best. We recommend white and other bright, light colors for window application. All decals are a single color.

How to apply a vinyl decal.

All of our designs are formally registered with the US Copyright Office. Please respect artists’ rights and support small business by purchasing directly from us. Designs are licensed for sale only through Inky Dinky Dax Designs LLC, Sew Dog Crazy, and Menagerie Mayhem.

Price: from $3.00

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