Care Instructions

We highly recommend washing your garment before wearing it, as it will soften the backing we use to hold your embroidery. We also use a washaway backing that you might notice during the drying process – similar to leaving a tissue in your pocket. Be sure to clean your dryer’s lint trap after drying your embroidery for the first time.

Embroidered Apparel Wash Instructions

Special care should be taken when laundering embroidered items.

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Promptly dry all embroidered articles on low heat – leaving embroidery wet may damage the threads as well as the garment. Items may be pressed, on the reverse side, with a cloth in-between the embroidered surface. Never use an iron directly on embroidery, and it is not recommended use a steam iron or wet the area before ironing.

Wash all tie-dye items separately from your regular laundry for the first laundering.

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