Due to rising operating costs and cotton prices, our apparel prices will be shifting slightly beginning Thursday, March 21, 2013. While we have tried strenuously to keep our prices extremely low, the increased cost of business has made it difficult to continue to offer unique embroidery to our customers. We have not, in the history of Inky Dinky Dax Designs, previously had a price increase. In fact, many of our products are priced well-below comparative items that use publicly available embroidered designs.

There will now be a price difference between pocket embroidery, which takes less time and materials, and center embroidered designs, which take considerably more. We are confident these small changes will continue to afford us the ability to offer our unique, original embroidery while remaining competitive in the field of dog lover apparel and gifts.

Decal pricing remains unaffected.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.