Effective immediately, there will be an alteration surcharge whenever elements from one design are removed from/combined with another design. Simple text customization remains free whenever possible (ie, space permits in given hoop). However,  due to the amount of time and work involved with moving elements around, and changing hoop sizes, any time we “add in” or “take out” something not originally in the design, a surcharge of no less than $5 will be applied, depending on the complexity of the customization. Simple text (such as a name) is always added free of charge provided that it can be added into the existing design without changing to a larger hoop size. This is in addition to any extra color or time surcharges. We’ve enjoyed customizing the heck out of your apparel, but the demands on such a service have increased to the point that we have to start charging to balance out the amount of time that goes into it.

Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage!