Funny Embroidered Dog Lover SweatshirtIt’s supposed to be 95 degrees today, and while that certainly doesn’t make one think of cooler weather, the fact that it’s Labor Day weekend means it’s time for fall clothing shopping!! With that in mind, we’ve added embroidered dog lover sweatshirts to our “made to order” selection on the website. Some pet embroidery designs, due to a high stitch count, are ONLY available as sweatshirts, so you’ll see there are some awesome new embroidered sweatshirts available. We will continue to add unique embroidered dog sweatshirts to all our existing designs, and future designs will automatically be added with a sweatshirt option. To view a ton of the sweatshirts we currently offer, just type “sweatshirt” into the search bar (no need to hit return or enter, just wait a moment for results to appear).

All t-shirt designs can be stitched onto sweatshirts. If you see a design we haven’t yet added to sweatshirts, just Contact Us so we can add that one right away for you.

In addition, we’ve created a new category – Pet Loss. As our selection in pet bereavement apparel continues to grow, we felt it best to give it a separate category so items can be located more easily.